Serving National Service and suspect girlfriend is cheating on you?




Cheating Girlfriend


Well, let me tell you a story.


I was 19 years old when I was called up by the Singapore Armed Forces to serve my National Service.  My first love was 17 and a lovely girl and someone who I thought was very innocent, someone I thought I would spend the rest of my life with.


Before I enlisted, she pledged her love for me.  We were like peas in a pod.  Whenever I booked out of Pulau Tekong, I would rush to see her.


However, because I was in Basic Military Training, I could only see her during the weekends.  Time was definitely short.  But I tried to make up by waiting in line for the public telephone to call her at night and would talk for a long time.  Before you start, this was way back in the 80s, long before hand phones were a common sight.


Just before my passing out parade, I felt something was wrong.  However, I could not put my finger on it.  One day, because I was thinking of signing on in the Army as a Guards Officer, I got to go back to Mainland Singapore for my interview with Manpower Base.


Right after my interview and because I did not have to return back to Palau Tekong that night, I decided to give my then girlfriend a surprise. I decided to wait for her outside her house in my military uniform, with roses in hand.


I knew she would finish her lessons at 4 pm and so decided to wait outside her place.  One hour passed, then two hours, then three hours.


I must have been waiting forever.  Then at about 8 pm, I thought I saw someone familiar, walking down the street.  I glanced up and it was my first love.  And guess what, she was holding hands with her classmate.  She was two timing me at a tender age of 17!


I was totally devastated.  To cut a story short, I became overwhelmed with emotions.  She tried to explain but what can you say when you have been cheated.  At least I did think I was cheated.


If you are enlisting into the Army to serve out your National Service obligations, chances are you and your significant other being together is slim.  Someone is definitely going to make a move on your significant other, while you are serving your nation for sure.  You never know who she is with, where she has gone or what she is thinking about.


But things have changed a lot since then.  Nowadays, it would be hard to find someone who does not have a hand phone.  And with technology now so advance, there are monitoring tools for hand phones.  In a nutshell, these tools allow one to spy on hand phones.


These are some of the things you can do with Handphone Spy:


  • See if she is lying to you when she is says she is at home.
  • See if she is lying to you when she says she is at school.
  • See her text messages if someone else is trying to tackle your girlfriend.
  • See her WeChat conversations and WhatsApp conversations.
  • Hear her WeChat voice conversations.
  • See her contact list.


Looking back, if I had a Hand phone then and my first love had a Hand phone, I would place a Hand phone spy on her hand phone.  That way, I would not have had the unpleasant shock that I had that night and at least I would know what she was thinking then.


My advice is if you do enlist in the Army why not consider using a Handphone spy to monitor your girlfriend?  For more information, I would suggest using Handphone Spy found at


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