Handphone Spy Best Features

Many people have asked about the features about Handphone Spy.  I will however point out what I think are the best features right now of Handphone Spy versus the rest of the cell phone spying apps out there.

  • Spying on WeChat.
  • Spying on WhatApp.
  • Voice Logging of WeChat.

Spying on WeChat is easy if the other party is using WeChat on an Android Phone or an iPhone.  WeChat as you probably already know it, has more users right now than lets say WhatsApp.  Handphone Spy tries to replicate the chat logs like WeChat.  Which also includes Voice Messages.

So far no other Cell Phone Spy App has that ability.  I would suggest you take a look at www.handphonespy.com if you wish to track someone who is using WeChat.

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